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Haley Electrical Services can provide your business and property with a full CCTV security solution. We deliver highly innovative solutions to commercial, industrial, construction and residential buildings across Essex and Herts.

How to obtain CCTV for your home

Our expert CCTV installers in Essex and Herts will assess your premises onsite to determine the best installation strategy for your building. We offer only the very best CCTV systems in the market and will give our expert advice on how to update your existing CCTV system to help with your security. We will create the most effective plan of action working to your budget and requirements.

We offer a wide selection of CCTV solutions including the following products:

Static CCTV

Our static CCTV systems can be fixed to indoor and outdoor areas to provide coverage across your building and site. This helps to reduce blind spots, maximizing the scope of surveillance and eliminating the possibility of an intruder sneaking past the cameras.

CCTV Towers

If you need a more birds-eye view, our CCTV towers provide an advanced CCTV system featuring infrared/night vision, timed arm and disarm, illumination, voice challenge and communication via a mobile network. This type of CCTV system connects to multiple remote sensors placed around the perimeter of the building and site area to detect movement. With a high vantage point, this is ideal for larger areas including large factories and construction sites.


Our portable and robust VPODs offer a 360-degree view of the whole area yet are incredibly compact. This solution is also rated with the Secured by Design accreditation – this is a police-backed initiative which was launched to design out crime through the production of innovative security products. Our VPODs are energy efficient too – with a long-life battery powering each CCTV camera they are fully portable.


If you are looking for an automatic number-plate recognition (ANPR) solution, we can provide a CCTV system that is able to read vehicle registration plates. These record, store and read text from number plates together with images of each driver 24/7 to trigger set events based on number plate details stored.

Video CCTV

Our video alarm CCTV system captures a short section of video footage which triggers an alarm. The video can be sent via a mobile network to any recipient or monitoring area inside or outside your business. This is often used to gauge whether any situation is a false alarm or a real incident that requires immediate action. This solution has built-in infrared lighting that provides colour images in bright light and black and white images in low light.

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Protect your home with CCTV

Our expert home CCTV installation services in Essex in Herts have the versatility and experience to carry out CCTV installation across any residential property and regularly work with homeowners and landlords on finding the perfect solution to any size property. CCTV surveillance offers peace of mind that your home is protected 365 days a year. It can also work as a valuable deterrent to criminals who do not want their actions to be caught on camera.

Our video door entry systems and intercom systems service in Essex and Herts provide a reliable and high-quality entry systems are incredibly easy to use and require minimal training for administrators. Our door entry systems improve security across residential properties, factories, offices and construction sites. We assess your requirements onsite and implement a reliable and cost-effective access control system to give you peace of mind.

Some of the CCTV services we provide:

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