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Our Top Summer Outdoor Lighting Ideas

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What Lighting Do You Have Outside?

Extend the warm summer days into the evening by installing unique outdoor summer lighting. Exterior lights extend warm-weather activities into the evening, add ambiance to your outdoor living space, and protect your property from intruders.

Whether you have motion-sensing security lights or strings of fairy lights illuminating your deck or patio for outdoor entertaining, it’s crucial to choose outdoor lighting that fits your garden’s décor, fits your purpose, and is installed by professional electricians.

Advantages of Outdoor Lighting

Whether you live in a detached house, cottage, or terraced home, outdoor lighting will maximise the beauty and function of your outdoor space. Some of the benefits of outdoor lighting include:

•                     Creates a warm, inviting ambiance for guests and family

•                     Improves safety by illuminating outdoor paths and walkways

•                     Provides added security, warding off trespassers

•                     Highlights landscape and architectural features

•                     Defines and enhances outdoor dining and entertainment areas

•                     Adds curb appeal to your home

Choose from the following outdoor lighting ideas to improve the safety and aesthetic of your home and help maximise your outdoor living experience.

Outdoor Lighting Ideas for Your Garden

Outside Security

Security lighting is the brightest type of outdoor lighting, illuminating shadowed areas of your property and deterring uninvited visitors from approaching. Security lighting is most effective when installed in high spaces such as rooftops or eaves, where it can cast broad beams of light onto entrances and walkways.

The most effective security lighting is motion-sensing floodlights. These lights mount to exterior walls or siding and have built-in motion-detecting sensors, which illuminate in response to movement, taking prowlers or destructive animals by surprise.


Garden lighting is a fun and easy way to imbue some ambiance after sunset. Use garden lights to illuminate flower beds, trees, and shrubs. Solar-powered, LED, and low-voltage garden lighting options are widely available for conserving energy and illuminating areas that are out of reach from electrical sources.

For Outdoor Buildings

Many homeowners extend their living space to the outdoors with well-lit, fully functional outdoor dining and entertainment areas.

String lighting provides warm accent lighting in an outdoor room. String lights are easy to hang wherever there is activity — around a swimming pool, on the posts of a gazebo or outdoor pavilion, or on your home’s eaves to illuminate an outdoor dining area. Look for string lighting that is waterproof and battery- or solar-powered with a remote.

Outdoor lanterns are another great option for outdoor building lighting. Low-voltage lanterns and post lights emit a soft accent light, suitable for lighting a small outdoor expanse or highlighting specific décor or architectural detail.


Deck lighting has the vital function of providing reliable light so that people can move about safely after dark. Deck lighting should run along the perimeter of the deck surface, between steps, and on railings. A common way to achieve this is by installing moderate to high intensity LED lights into the deck or walkway surface, allowing you to walk directly over them.

Well-placed deck lighting offers a decorative element by accentuating pathways and garden features.


Patio lights are a must for transitioning your outdoor space from day into evening. Your choice of lighting depends largely on your patio’s size and intended use.

String lights are one of the most popular choices. Popular for their versatility, string lights add a touch of whimsy to your summer lighting design — wrap rope or string lights around a trellis, deck railing, or tree trunks.

Outdoor wall sconces offer functional, targeted illumination and increase the usability of your patio. Path lights are desirable if there is a walkway between your patio and front yard.

Need Outdoor Lighting in Essex?

Haley Electrical services Essex, Herts and London can transform your outside spaces with outdoor lighting installations that instantly upgrade your garden so you can enjoy your summer outside. Call Haley Electrical Services on 07920 047093 to learn more about our wide range of expert outdoor lighting installation services.