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6 Reasons to Get a CCTV System Installed at Home

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CCTV systems are growing in popularity for a good reason. Today, we will explore why you should install a CCTV security camera system in your home. You’ll also learn what CCTV is and what parts make CCTV work.

What Is a CCTV System?

CCTV, or closed-circuit television, is a surveillance system that uses cameras and television monitors to prevent criminal activity. Some systems are ideal for homes and residential areas, while other designs (like CCTV towers) are better for industrial grounds.

Many homeowners are installing these helpful camera systems around their houses to improve their home security. CCTV for home and business helps to:

●       Deter crime

○       Visible security cameras deter criminals from attempting planned, non-violent crimes like theft.

       Capture evidence

○       Automatic or manual recording of activity on your property helps local authorities quickly identify the responsible criminal.

●       Protect your property

○       CCTV capabilities protect your property from potential crimes.

You can install a CCTV system in your home or around the exterior of your house to monitor areas that you don’t typically see. Common places to install CCTV cameras include:

●       Entrances

●       Exits

●       Children’s rooms

●       Common areas in the home

●       Around the garden

●       Driveways

●       Anywhere you need to increase security

What Parts Are Included in a CCTV System?

Many different CCTV kits are available. Some include night vision capabilities, live monitoring, and other upgrades to help you effectively monitor your home and other areas around your property.

The typical CCTV system relies on essential parts that include:

●       Wired or wireless cameras

●       A live feed for monitoring or a recording system

Upgrades for CCTV systems can include:

●       Infrared and low light or night vision capabilities

●       An automatic alarm which triggers upon motion capture

●       Automatic or manual video capture of anything that triggers the alarm

The Benefits of Installing a CCTV System for Your Home

The most significant benefit of installing a CCTV system is the peace of mind you’ll gain after the installation. Installing a home CCTV system offers several benefits in addition to feeling safer while away from home.

The top six benefits of installing home security CCTV cameras include:

1.      Deterring criminal activity in and around the home: visible cameras reduce the likelihood of theft and other crimes

2.      Collecting evidence of suspicious activity: catch visual proof of undesirable behaviours to hold individuals accountable

3.      Watching for deliveries and verify package deliveries

4.      Observing the house and surrounding property remotely: quickly check your monitoring system from any location with a downloadable app on your mobile device

5.      Monitoring your children and household employees while you’re away from home: check-in with your younger family members and ensure everything is in order

6.      Showing the individuals at your door before you open it: easily avoid unwanted solicitors and welcome your guests

These benefits help you create a safer environment for yourself and your loved ones. This valuable tool isn’t just for homes and residential areas. CCTV is also a fantastic addition to your commercial properties to prevent potential crimes like theft, vandalism, and more on your property.

Are you ready to look into installing CCTV in or around your home?

Haley Electrical Services can provide your business and home property with a full CCTV security solution.

Our expert CCTV installers in Essex and Herts will assess your premises onsite to determine the best installation for your building.

Call Haley Electrical Services on 07920 047 093 today to learn more about CCTV systems and installation services.