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Get To Know Your Smart Tech For Smart Homes

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What Is A Smart Home?

You may have heard the phrase smart homes in the past without realising what they are. Or you may know that the a smart home means more than just a house with some Bluetooth accessories.

An authentic, true to definition smart home is more complex than that. These homes have various high-quality technologies connected through an in-home communications network. You can operate and monitor your smart home devices to create your ideal home life through that network.

That technical definition might sound complicated. However, the primary goal of smart home gadgets are to remove all complications from your life with advanced and accessible technology.

What Devices Can Be Connected In Your Home

There are several types of smart home devices you can connect to your home, each with its own way of making your home life more luxurious. From security to hands-free speakers and audio systems, these smart home devices also help to make your life easier.

You will benefit from whichever smart home technology you install. These are the most useful and popular options available:

Temperature Control Units

Smart home thermostats allow you to control every aspect of the climate in your home and individual rooms. You can set the exact temperature remotely on a schedule and even adjust the humidity levels. With smart home devices, your house will adapt to your ideal climate, depending on the time of day.

Lighting Fixtures

You can adjust a smart home’s lighting remotely and on a sliding scale. So, rather than standing up to flip a switch that forces you to choose between no light and its brightest setting, you can make your rooms slightly more dim or bright from your mobile device whatever you are doing.

Security Features

Smart homes’ security technology allows you to monitor the interior and exterior of your home from your mobile device. From checking if your delivery has arrived or using a Burglar Alarm to alert you when an intruder is at your home. Smart home security provides around-the-clock cover for your peace of mind.

In-Home Entertainment

You can get smart audio devices like hands-free speakers controlled by your voice and play music throughout your house or controlled via an app on your smartphone. Other smart home entertainment devices available include smart TVs which can connect to the internet, and you can access streaming apps without the need for plug in units.

Benefits of Smart Home Technology

In addition to the long list of smart home devices available comes an even longer list of reasons why smart homes are worth the investment. With a few technological upgrades operating on an in-home communications network, you can make your house safer and more convenient than traditional, technology deficient ones.

Added Security

Smart security cameras allow you to monitor your property inside and out, making them one of the most useful and attention grabbing smart home devices available. But there are more smart security technologies than those.

As a smart homeowner, you will have access to robust locks, keypads, outdoor security lights, motion detectors, and more. All these tools help keep intruders off your property and give you peace of mind through the night. And since you can use your smart home devices remotely, you can monitor your home’s security while out of town.

Energy Efficiency

There is nothing better than the feeling of cool home air on a hot summer day or warmth after being out in the snow. But the only way for homeowners without smart home technology to achieve this luxury is to leave their HVAC units running through the day while they’re away.

Smart homes with remote thermostats help you avoid this pitfall. You can enjoy the benefits of a perfect in-home temperature without the costly energy bill. You can leave your thermostat off most of the day and turn it back on minutes before returning home.

Motion Activated Lights

If you’re tired of fumbling around in the dark for hard-to-reach light switches at night, smart home gadgets are the solution for you.

Motion-activated lights make life easier when installed indoors and safer when installed outside. With interior smart lighting that detects your movement, your home technology will illuminate your walking path for you without needing to flip a switch. And for outdoor use, motion-activated lights double as security features that prevent intruders from hiding in the shadows on your property.

Haley Electrical Services in Ongar, Essex, can modernise your traditional house with smart home devices that instantly upgrade your security and quality of life. Contact our team today to schedule an appointment for smart home technology installation or learn more about smart homes.

We are the electrical experts servicing Essex, Herts and North London. We are proud to be silver Loxone partner installers who provide a range of smart home gadgets to choose from. Give us a call today to see how we can help integrate smart tech into your life and create your Smart Home today.