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How SMART Homes Can Reduce Your Energy Bills

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Rising Energy Costs in the UK

The UK’s energy regulator lifted its energy price cap by 54%, which will increase electricity bills for over 22 million households. This is the biggest hike since the regulator began limiting price increases in 2017. Prices have increased due to the worldwide shortage of energy supplies.

Rising energy costs have started cutting into household budgets, causing families to turn towards smart home solutions. Some consumers may want to switch to an alternative energy company. At the moment, there are no better offers available, especially for those tied to fixed plans.

How Does the Energy Price Increase Affect You?

An energy bill can seem confusing, but looking through it can help you learn how much energy you consume. With energy price hikes, you need to become more proactive and take measures to change the way your home functions.

Electricity Cost-Saving Tips

Use the following energy savings tips to lower your electricity bills, save money, and reduce your carbon footprint.

  1. Turn off appliances: Turn your appliances off standby mode by unplugging them to save £55 a year. Make a habit of switching off lights when you leave the room and save £20 a year.
  1. Fix Draughts: Have a professional draught-proof your home. These renovations add an energy cost saving of £45 a year.
  1. Kitchen: Avoid overfilling kettles to boil water and save £11 a year. For more savings, install an aerator on your kitchen tap.
  1. Shower and Dishwasher: Limit your shower to under 5 minutes a day and save £70 a year. Try to run the dishwasher weekly to save £14 a year.
  1. Washing and Drying: Avoid using high temperatures for washing clothes and save £28 a year. Instead of using the tumble dryer, hang the clothes on racks to save £60 a year.

How Does Smart Home Tech Help Reduce Your Electricity Bills?

A smart home creates an ecosystem of connected devices that work together to make your life easier. Smart devices can automatically adjust their energy usage to meet your demands. Installing Smart technology can also detect inefficiencies that minimise electricity, water, and gas waste.

The smart device market has many useful applications from lights, household appliances, meter readings, and other technologies that modernise your home. Smart devices work effortlessly with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, offering next-level control. Additionally, you can manage smart devices via your smartphone.

Creating a smart home involves weighing the initial cost against the potential savings in the long run. If you cannot control the energy usage in the home, your energy bills will skyrocket. With the right smart devices, you can easily control your appliances, manage usage, and save money.

Smart Lighting

Elevate your home by switching to energy-efficient LED lights. Lighting accounts for 15% of your electric bill, and a single LED bulb has a lifetime cost savings of £180. Add smart lighting to adjust and control lights by using the app to set lighting schedules, turn the lights on or off, and even change the light colour.

Smart Thermostats

Heating and hot water consume 50% of your electric bill. A smart thermostat can learn and maintain optimum temperatures in your home while saving money. The thermostat monitors and tracks your home’s energy usage and provides information on how to save energy.

Smart Plugs

Plugged-in devices tend to consume energy while on standby, and smart plugs allow you to turn off all your appliances at once. Other applications include setting timers, for example, having Christmas lights automatically turn on at night.

As the energy price rises, people need to find innovative ways to deal with the crisis. Installing Smart home technology can help you reduce electricity bills.

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