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Why You Need a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate for Your Rental Property

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Do You Own a Rental Property?

Complying with the rules and regulations for landlords in England can be a challenge. Fortunately, Haley Electrical Services is here to help.

The following sections of this article will cover the importance of electrical safety for landlords. We’ll also explain how an EICR can help you manage your Essex property.

A rental property is a home or business that an owner allows a tenant to use in exchange for monthly payments. As a landlord, your tenants’ safety must always be a top priority. While managing a property involves balancing numerous factors, keeping the property safe for residents must always rise to the top.

What Is a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate?

In England, the government requires landlords to comply with a set of health and safety regulations before legally placing their home or flat on the market. These rules dictate the safety standards for multiple home features, including electrical installations.

Complying with these rules is a legal requirement. If you want to rent out your property, read the guidelines carefully before scheduling your property inspection.

Electrical Installation Condition Report

The Electrical Installation Condition Report, or EICR, is the report electricians create when inspecting your prospective rental home. During their inspection, they’ll check the electrical system throughout the rental property. Their main goal is to assess the risk of injury or electric shock.

Once they finish the assessment, they’ll record their findings in the EICR and submit the results.

Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate

When you pass your electrical inspection and receive a positive EICR, you’ll receive a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate. This document entitles you to rent your property on the market. As a result, it can help protect you from legal trouble or disputes in the future.

The certificate stays valid for five years. However, inspectors can reduce that time frame if they notice an ageing component or a developing issue.

The Benefits of Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate for You

The government designed these regulations to protect the safety of tenants and visitors to rental properties. Yet, they benefit everyone involved in the system.

It can be challenging to determine what does and does not pose an electrical risk. So, these rules offer a standardised way to establish whether your property is ready to rent.

While complying with rules and regulations can be frustrating, marketing an unsafe unit poses an even more significant problem. If your tenant moves in and discovers electrical hazards, you may be held responsible for any repair costs and housing the tenant while their home is uninhabitable. Therefore, an Electrical Installation Condition Report can warn landlords of issues and enable prevention.

Finally, a Landlord Electrical Safety Certificate provides essential legal protection to landlords in England. When an injury occurs on your property, you can be responsible for legal fees and penalties if the authorities determine that your negligence caused the accident. Therefore, staying up to date on all inspections and certifications is the wisest choice for any Essex landlord.

Use a Trusted and Certified Electrician

When choosing an electrical company to inspect your rental property, it’s essential to find a service provider you can trust. These inspections are more complex than standard electrical work, with comprehensive assessments requiring an experienced electrician to complete. When you need expert electrical service in Essex, Herts or London you can always turn to Haley Electrical Services.

As an experienced electrical company, we have conducted inspections and generated EICRs for hundreds of landlords in the area. The trusted electricians at Haley Electrical Services understand this process. We can quickly complete your examination and work with you to solve any issues.

Do you need an electrical inspection for your rental property or any other electrical work in Essex, Herts or London? Contact Haley Electrical Services at 07920 047093 for qualified help.